katalyo Web3
Harness the power of Web3 with no-code
No-code platform for building Web3 powered applications
KTLYO token is on Uniswap
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What is Katalyo Web3
Smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations and build Web3 powered apps without writing a single line of code
Build your Web3 unicorn without coding

Build products and features in days instead of months

Iterate and innovate at a super fast pace

Create one token across chains

Make seamless transfer via EMV chains

Get cross-chain liquidity

Capture your developments as NFTs

Showcase it at Katalyo Marketplace

Benefit from your know-how

To get the job done all you need is the right set of resources
Every Katalyo application is a collection of building blocks called resources (datasets, tasks, notifications, integrations, tokens,...). To build applications with Katalyo you just need to...
How it works
Create your own datasets from scratch
Who can see / execute what
Define actions across task/workflow lifecycle
Design task forms for data capturing
Missing functionality? Not a problem! With Katalyo's plug and play architecture you can extended capabilities of the platform with your own code without limitations. We're looking for devs interested in joining us on our mission to make everyone a builder of (d)apps. Contribute and earn Katalyo tokens.
Benefit from your developments at Katalyo
Convert your features in NFTs
Tokenize your logic and features
Capture your know-how as NFT
Sell / buy it on internal marketplace
Why Katalyo Web3
We are a part of Katalyo - mature business with a proven revenue traction and and track record. Katalyo is an official member of Telos ecosystem and INBlockchain incubator program.
Version control and auto-deployment
Out of box security
Biz rules engine
Integration with out-of-box API
Resource Marketplace
Inter-node and cross-node collaboration
Founding Team
Katalyo co-founders have over half a century of joint relevant experience in building software solutions for telecommunications and financial services industry.
years of experience
Ivica Ljubicic
Product, technology, engineering, biz-dev

Experience: Payments, Banking, Consulting (Pwc, Capgemini), Managing Director
Igor Mocilac
Technology, information security

Experience: CSO for payments processor, National bank – IT security

Daniel Stjepanovic
Sales & Operations, Processes, QA

Experience: telco, payments processor, ITIL expert
Harju maakond, Ahtri tn 12, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
Katalyo Global OÜ